Doping for running: uses and consequences.

By | August 16, 2020

Athletes always want to improve their capabilities, and to overcome long distances with obstacles as quickly and efficiently as possible. Doping for running will help achieve all of this. But before experimenting with such a miracle drug, you need to learn about the rules for its use, as well as the consequences that may occur after that.


Doping while running After the advent of modern drugs to improve athletic performance, the question of whether their use would be appropriate at all became particularly relevant. Despite all the controversy, the process of doping for running is in full swing, thanks to which these drugs are now very popular. Experts have compiled a documented list of prohibited drugs. Athletes who accept them can safely forget about participating in various local competitions, and even more so in the Athletics Championship. New names of drugs constantly appear on this list, which never leave it. For example, the use of erythropoietin leads to disqualification of the athlete, because it increases the hemoglobin, which supplies the cells with oxygen.


Prohibited Substances In the list of prohibited doping for running, there are various steroids, as well as anabolic steroids. Their admission will lead to irreversible disqualification of the athlete. Although it is worth noting that there are anabolic steroids that do not contain steroids, so they are not on this list. Together with them, you can find narcotic substances on the list. They are known to dull pain and fatigue so that the athlete can achieve better results during competition. Substances such as cocaine, caffeine and amphetamine are strictly prohibited .


Corticosteroids are on the semi-banned list. The intake of these substances is allowed only in small quantities. In addition, the use of beclomethasone , cortisone, sinaflan dexamethasone methylprednisolone, and other endurance-enhancing drugs is prohibited . Therefore, when purchasing doping for running in pharmacies, you must definitely make sure that it is legal. There are some methods that are also prohibited from using, as they are equivalent to the use of drugs. Among them: disguises, hiding traces of the use of doping drugs; expanded oxygen carriers (non-standard cell sets, alternative treatment, drugs to increase hemoglobin); genetic doping, the essence of which is to change genes by expanding or pressing them.


List of approved substances


In addition to illegal drugs, there is also legal doping. Runners can safely consume it without fear of being disqualified. So, among the approved drugs are:


” Riboksin “. A non-steroidal anabolic substance is used to support the heart muscle. This really legal doping can be purchased at a regular pharmacy at a fairly low price. Abroad, athletes use a similar drug, but with a higher cost, called Inosine.


” Heptral “. Great for liver support, it helps runners not worry about side pain as they race. Heptral belongs to the more expensive segment, although it has no residual effect.


” Ferroplex “. The drug can be used during a period of exhausting workouts in order to eliminate negative consequences.


“Fitin”. It is taken shortly before the competition and helps to speed up the recovery process.


” Cernilton “. The substance is more relevant for athletes on frequent flights. It makes it possible to quickly adapt to changing time zones.


” Fermatron “. The drug is able to restore lost vitamins during training.


Application of ZMA

In long-distance running, such a remedy as zinc monomethionine aspartate is widely known . Its name comes from the composition, which contains zinc, vitamin B6 and magnesium. He entered the number of doping drugs due to the fact that as a result of its use, muscle growth and endurance increase.

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