How to relax so as not to get tired: 10 life hacks for a healthy vacation

By | June 18, 2021

The long-awaited summer vacation for many is getting closer , and the thought of purchased plane tickets brightens up office everyday life like nothing else. Vacation is not a tricky business, and yet sometimes vacation brings only disappointment and an additional feeling of fatigue. We’ve put together ten tips to help you prepare for your vacation and make the most of your health , both physically and mentally.

Get insurance and collect a first aid kit

You may not have had to seek medical help on any trip, but it is still better not to neglect the insurance – if you need it, it can save you decent amounts. This is especially true in countries such as the United States, where a short-term hospital bill can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars. Check with the bank agent you use: many packages, in addition to cards and bills, include decent medical insurance for travel abroad.

The first-aid kit, despite the name, should not be turned into a branch of the pharmacy – it is enough to take an anti-inflammatory or pain reliever, an antiseptic, a remedy for diarrhea and any drugs that you constantly take. Of course, the set will depend on which country you are traveling to; the most exotic locations may require broad spectrum antibiotics and water disinfection tablets. It makes sense to clarify in advance what vaccines you need and take a course of vaccination.

Don’t change the mode too abruptly

Due to the fact that the vacation period is limited, we often want to use it to the fullest: it’s a pity to leave the bar early, if you can get out in the evening only on vacation. And yet, you can gradually come to dancing until the morning, and on the first evening it is better not to fight with your own body. Trying to take an active lifestyle from the extremes (like getting up at five in the morning and running) can also lead to frustration, especially if you break your self-made promises. It is better not to bring any useful or pleasant undertakings to extreme , but also take into account the change in the time zone.

In general, it is believed that changing the schedule after a flight to the west is easier to transfer: having arrived from Europe to America, you just want to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. It is much more difficult with the reverse shift: arriving in Japan late in the evening, you may find that you have just slept, or, conversely, you will feel sleepy when it is time to go for a walk. Melatonin helps to cope with jetlag and normalize daily cycles (it is better to check the dosage with your doctor). Again, on the first day after the flight, you should not plan too much – it is better to devote this time to recovery.

Protect yourself from the sun

It would seem that so much has been said about the dangers of ultraviolet rays that there is nothing to add – and yet many manage to burn out on the first day of vacation, forgetting to take sunscreen for a walk, or on the last day, when it seems that the skin has already got used to the sun. Recall that it is best to choose means of a wide range of protection – against ultraviolet rays A and B; on such creams, foams or sprays there will be not only an SPF mark (it is better that this factor is at least 30), but also PA +++ (there can be from one to four plus signs), a UVA icon in a circle or a “broad spectrum” mark, in depending on the country of production .

Sunscreen should be applied liberally and refreshed throughout the day, keeping in mind areas such as the back of the head, ears, and hair parting (unless you are wearing a cap). Those who use or have used active cosmetics that increase sensitivity to the sun – acids, retinol, vitamin C – or just before vacation, should pay special attention to protecting their face from the sun’s rays. It makes sense to keep a small bottle of Sanskrin in every bag.


As you know, the best rest is a change of activity; For professional athletes, to recover from extreme loads, rest will only benefit, but for everyone else, active rest will be more useful. Long walks are an excellent light to moderate cardio exercise, just as the WHO recommends . It’s also a great way to explore the area, climb where a car won’t pass, or feel the atmosphere of a new city.

If you plan to walk a lot on your trip, it is better not to buy new shoes especially for the holidays – with a high probability, they can rub on the first day. And remember to replenish your fluid reserves , especially in hot climates.

Try new activities

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to continue running, playing tennis, or beach volleyball when you get home, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start. Perhaps, participation in a variety of sports is something that it is absolutely not necessary to bring to some logical end. On the contrary, you can treat it as an unforgettable and unusual experience that will stay with you forever (remember to take funny photos).

Where there are waves, there is likely to be a surfing or windsurfing school, and in cities where skateboards and rollerblades are popular, there are courses. And a bicycle, even if you are familiar with it from childhood, can give new sensations if you go on an excursion on it.

Don’t scold yourself for anything

Holidays should be fun, even if things don’t go according to plan. So do not reproach yourself if you did not have time to visit all the designated places or went over in the evening so that you came to your senses for half a day. When drawing up a plan, it is better to immediately allow for spontaneity – it belongs on vacation.

New cities and countries are also learned through local cuisine; vacation is not the best time to try to limit yourself in pleasure or calories. It is much better to try to diversify the diet and try a variety of local dishes, not forgetting about vegetables, fruits and fish . And you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of your body in a swimsuit; preparing your body for the beach is sun protection, not a special “weight loss for summer”.

Relax and sleep

Listen to your body and give it what it needs; most likely it will be a dream . If in adolescence we often think that sleep is for children, and going to bed early is too boring, then, as we grow up, we begin to regret the age when there was more than enough time for sleep. And if it can be difficult to reduce the daily workload, then a two-week vacation is a great opportunity to practice naps, go to bed early in the evening, or just roll around for a long time in the morning, starting the day with coffee in bed.

Relaxation methods include meditation , yoga or stretching, as well as any actions when you do not remember about work and do not check your smartphone every few minutes. A concert, especially outdoors, is also a great opportunity to close your eyes and relax as much as possible.

Disconnect from the web

Of course, it is worth notifying your loved ones that you have reached your destination – but the rest of the time you do not need to be on the Internet. Refusal of roaming and the ability to go online only at the hotel may not be very convenient, but they help to unload the psyche and stop bumping into the phone on the street. In the end, if roaming is necessary, you can try from time to time to turn on airplane mode or even leave your phone in the hotel (although the lack of communication at a crucial moment can let you down, so be careful).

Online maps and services with tips for restaurants and places of interest have made travel much easier, but has it made it more interesting? Perhaps, to truly immerse yourself in local life, you should get lost in the side streets (just in case, take a business card with the hotel address and money for a taxi) and have a snack where the sign or line will attract you, and not where it is recommended online – a guide.

Fly light

Thinking about your wardrobe, but in the end you only carry half of what you took with you and still buy new things on the trip? Try to cut the number of things in your suitcase by at least half, and don’t take anything you don’t use at all, hoping to start doing it on vacation. In principle, the increasingly stringent airline restrictions on carry-on luggage and baggage only help to avoid carrying too much with you.

Chances are, unless you’re planning to go to the opera or to a formal event with a dress code, you won’t need high heels – and by dropping them, you’ll free up a decent chunk of your suitcase. Another journey is the opportunity to finally use up samples of creams and makeup products or throw away empty bottles if initially there was not much left in them. At the same time, there will be a place for shopping.

Take care of your intimate health

For romantic adventures, if they are not excluded, it is worth preparing in advance. We remind you that the most effective methods of contraception are hormonal , and only the barrier method, that is, condoms , protects against sexually transmitted infections . Don’t settle for unprotected sex and don’t expect a casual partner to take care of protection – just buy condoms and carry them with you.

Those who do not plan new acquaintances should also take care of intimate hygiene : a hot climate can aggravate thrush, and a hotel shower gel of an unknown brand can irritate the mucous membranes. What is worth allocating space in your suitcase is your intimate hygiene product and a pair of panties for every day so that you don’t have to wash on vacation.

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