Lifting toes sitting for calves

By | March 11, 2019

Rising on the toes while sitting allows you to take the load off the body muscles and provide an isolated study of the leg muscles. It is used exclusively for this purpose and exists in two versions. You can climb on the toes, weighed hips with heavy dumbbells or a collected barbell, and you can perform the movement in a specialized simulator.

Purpose of the exercise

The purpose of the exercise is the isolated study of the muscles of the leg. This movement is required if the person is quite difficult to coordinate, and it is difficult for him to stand upright with the collected barbell. A training plan can also be a variant of use, when several basic exercises on the legs are performed on the same day, and then it is necessary to work out the remaining muscles in isolating exercises. This movement belongs to the purely “bodybuilding” exercises, and it is little used in other power disciplines.

Sometimes they say that removing the load from the body, we overload the knee joint. But this problem is solved by shifting the weight of the burden towards the middle of the thigh.

Exercise technique

First you need to adjust the simulator bench to its height. A special feature here is that it is necessary to adjust the seat so that the knee is approximately at the level of the pelvis, but does not go much higher. Position with “high knees” leads to joint overload, therefore it is better not to use it.

You should sit on the bench, lean your back on the back of the simulator and carefully remove the stabilizer knobs. Then you need to get on your toes, as you would if you were standing on the floor. It is important to eliminate the buildup and movement to the sides, evenly pushing the simulator cushion with both feet.

If the exercise is performed with the usual free weights, it is necessary to provide a rigid fixation of the projectile with your hands, so that there is no swing from side to side.

Technical mistakes are going to the toes with excessive “pull-out” of the front surface of the foot forward, swinging in different directions.

Approaches and repetitions

This exercise is among the subjects of discussion in bodybuilding and fitness. Some believe that all exercises on the legs should be performed in a huge number of repetitions, as the calf muscles work in everyday life very much. Others believe that it is necessary to limit 8-12 repetitions, but put a heavier weight. Approaches are always recommended to do from 3 to 4.

In principle, this exercise is always used as an additional isolating and goes at the end of the workout. Many perform exercises on the lower legs on a separate day from the training of other muscle groups of the legs. That is justified by the fact that it is possible to ensure maximum fatigue, and the load will not go to other muscles.

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