Tightening wide grip

By | March 3, 2019

Pull-ups, which are performed with a wide grip, are basic exercises and are considered one of the best options for pumping the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle. Many modern training specialists and sports physicians are confident that this exercise is perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes, and, if performed correctly, can strengthen the back, the muscles-fixers and provide excellent posture and no problems. with the spine in the future.

What muscles work when tightening wide grip

Pull-ups with the use of a wide grip are considered not only basic, but also universal exercise, allowing maximum use of almost all the muscles located on the torso.
The important point is the fact that the joints during tightening wider than usual grip, not injured, and, accordingly, do not wear out. Moreover, during such training joints and tendons are subjected to natural stretching, so this load is only good for them.
In any version of the pull-ups with a wide grip, the wings (or the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are given a beautiful cone-shaped shape by regular exercise) and the muscles of the pectoral zone, are involved.
The posterior deltoid muscles and trapezoid muscle are well pumped.
Rhomboid and hypodermic muscles are also involved.

Technique pull-up wide grip

The crossbar should preferably be 10-15 centimeters taller than a man. To take up the bar you need about 30 centimeters wider than shoulder level.
After the correct grip is chosen, it is necessary to begin pulling up to the crossbar, while the shoulder blades should be brought together, and the elbows should be pulled back.
When the chin is a little higher than the level of the crossbar, it is necessary to linger for a short period of time, after which you can gradually go down, slowly straightening your arms.

Recommendations for tightening wide grip

Pulling up should occur at the expense of the strength of the arms, it is not worth helping yourself with your legs and torso.
For one approach, it is recommended to do from ten to fifteen repetitions. In case your hands slide off the bar, you can additionally use special belts or harnesses.
It is best to work with full amplitude, that is, dropping as much as your arms allow you to straighten.

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