Why and who needs pre – training complexes?

By | June 30, 2020

Pre – workout complexes are a very popular sports nutrition in the world of bodybuilding and fitness in recent times. Even 10 years ago, if someone “threw” something before training, it was caffeine, ephedrine . But quite recently, such a bunch of products as BO boosters or “nitrous oxide” entered the market, which has gained incredible popularity and demand among bodybuilders and gym visitors in view of the fact that it has a pronounced effect, like amp, stamina, concentration.

This is not surprising, progress is growing, and in the supplement are those substances that have tremendous effects in the energy effect. Pre – training complexes are all the same and, in essence, are no different in composition . Each pre-workout has arginine – an acid, a precursor to nitrous oxide, which primarily delivers all the nutrients through the blood to the cell. Nothing else increases blood flow to the muscle, as arginine in any form does.

Pre – workout complexes: what is included

Boosters include creatine in all its forms. Also included is a supplement like “geranium”, but for those who are preparing for the competition and want to successfully pass the doping control, it is better not to use it in the preparatory period Another supplement in pre – workout complexes is caffeine. And if you have heart problems, caffeine is contraindicated. Guarana , taurine and citrulline are added to increase the level of nitric oxide in the body.

Manufacturers take all these substances and make one mixture with them, in which they add useful vitamins, minerals, minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and sell them as over – training complexes.

Effects on the body

Since the active substances are quite active , after taking sports nutrition, “lethargy” and weakness, and sleep problems can occur. Minimize the use of these things, and use them when really necessary. That is, when you came to the gym, but you don’t have the strength, but you need to train for some reason, after a hard working day, after deep nervous experiences, in order to concentrate and enjoy the workout, they have a place in our diet.

The disadvantage of taking pre – workout complexes is a quick addiction of the body to dosages. And having taken such a pretrain for a week , this dosage does not suit you anymore, so you have to either increase it or take a break in taking it. This effect can be avoided by frequent use, 1-2 times a week, that is, exactly when it is really necessary.

Recommendations for use

If you really can’t do without pre-exercise , you can take the individual components of the drug solo, separately arginine and caffeine. Here is the stimulation of nitrous oxide and the delivery of nutrients to the muscles and pump. It mobilizes the caffeine of the nervous system and gives a charge, but you should not get involved in it. After all, addiction also arises to caffeine.

After 18:00 do not use pre-workouts , and if you have drunk, be sure to drink them with something soothing, for example, valerian, hermit. And do not pour in dosages, which is recommended on the bank, start with smaller ones. Therefore, to decide whether the pre-train is suitable for you after the purchase or not, it is recommended in the first half of the day, taking half of the indicated portion and tracing the sensations.

If pre – training complexes do not give a pronounced effect , then you can pour a full measuring spoon. If you feel a strong surge of energy, increase pressure, numbness of certain areas of the body, then half the dosage to start is enough.

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