By | August 4, 2018

Arginine is an aliphatic amino acid that belongs to the group of conditionally indispensable ones and refers to sports nutrition as a nitrogen donor.

In the body NO-synthase (enzyme system), affect arginine, synthesizing from it nitrogen oxide – a substance that is a mediator that regulates the tone of arterial vessels. On this depends the quality of nutrition of all organs and tissues that are in the body, including muscles. Also this substance is felt in the reamination and excretion from the body of the decay products of the waste proteins – the final nitrogen.

It is synthesized in the body from citrulline, ornithine and dimetalarginine (ADMA).

Role in bodybuilding and benefits

Arginine is a popular sport supplement. It is offered both in pure form and as an additive in the composition of other substances. It promotes cell division, which leads to muscle hypertrophy, muscle recovery after heavy physical exertion, healing of injuries. Also, arginine improves immunity, increases the production of growth hormone (growth hormone), promotes elimination of toxins from the body and improves erectile function.

In addition to the properties of arginine described above, its features, such as the ability to reduce the harmful effects of cholesterol, antioxidant properties, improve the transport of creatine to the muscles, lower blood pressure, promote pamping,


The discovery of the useful properties of arginine has brought Nobel Prize winners to the scientists who did this, but there is no reliable scientific research that would confirm the high effectiveness of arginine as a sports supplement for achieving great results in bodybuilding.

Some argue that the use of citrulline is more justified than arginine, refuting the need for an additional intake of the latter as a sports supplement.

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