Bending the legs in the simulator lying

By | May 30, 2019

Bending the legs in the simulator lying – a special physical exercise that promotes the development of the biceps and calf muscles of the legs. This is one of the rare exercises that allows you to work the calf muscles, so you should not abandon it in the gym. The rest of the muscle groups are not involved in the exercise, which will allow you to concentrate as accurately as possible on the correct execution.

This is one of the most popular leg exercises for men and women. This is explained by the fact that, technically, the exercise is simple, but it allows you to work out the muscles of the legs and achieve results in a short time. Depending on the purpose, you independently select the number of approaches and flexions. On average, it is customary to do this up to twenty times in three or four sets.

It is better for girls to bend their legs on the simulator while lying down with a small weight, but the movements need to be performed quickly. Young people should work with heavier weights, but in a smooth manner. Thus, calories are burned faster.

Technique of the exercise

This is one of the basic exercises, so do it after deadlift or hyperextension . Initially, you can pump over one leg, then both at the same time.

  1.   Take a starting position while lying on the machine.
  2.   Put your hands on the side handles.
  3.   Feet put under the support.
  4.   Bend your legs gently at a right angle.
  5.   Make a small delay.
  6.   Return to the starting position.

To better understand how to do this exercise, watch the video below:

Exercise Tips

  1.   Work in smooth mode, pause in the breaks.
  2.   Do not try to straighten your knees and lose weight in motion.
  3.   Do not tear the body when lifting.
  4.   Try to strain the muscles as much as possible while doing the exercises.
  5.   Do not pull the handle of the machine.
  6.   Try to breathe on the rise of the legs, and on the descent – exhale.
  7.   To achieve the best result, do an exercise on each of the legs alternately.

People who have problems with the spine or leg injuries, it is better to postpone the implementation of this exercise. In each good hall there is a duty trainer, ask him for advice. This also applies to newbies. The exercise is simple, but in order to achieve the right results, you must initially put in the correct technique of execution.

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