Lifting (bending hands) rod reverse grip

By | March 19, 2019

This exercise is essential for increasing biceps muscle mass. During the lifting of the barbell for the biceps involved shoulder-beam muscles of the forearm. Lifting a barbell for biceps is one of the most popular exercises among athletes. Any training program necessarily includes this exercise to build strength and volume of the biceps muscle.

In order for such an exercise to bring results, you need to know some of its nuances and be proficient in certain techniques. Consider the main features of this exercise.

Bending arms with a barbell: exercise description

So, in the course of lifting the barbell, it is the biceps that take on the main load. Depending on the grip the athlete uses, the growth of muscle mass will be different.

The synergistic muscles are brachial (or brachyialis) and shoulder-beam (or brachyradialis). Muscle stabilizers are:

Anterior deltoid;
The upper and middle part of the trapezius muscle;
Levator scapula;
Muscles flexing wrists.

The benefits of this exercise are obvious:

In one exercise, muscle parameters such as strength, size, endurance, definition are trained;
Exercise has free weight and allows you to use free weight, and therefore the biceps will be loaded qualitatively;
Biceps can be comprehensively developed due to the variability of methods of execution;
The bar is selected so that it provides the minimum load on the back.

Lifting the rod reverse grip: technology performance

Lifting the rod reverse grip
In most cases, the technique of performing lifting the barbell for the biceps wants the best. Apparently, this is due to the fact that such an exercise is common, and many athletes mistakenly believe that they know everything about him, and continue to do it with errors. The stages of this exercise:

Equipped barbell should be taken by a grip on shoulder width. The legs should also be shoulder width apart. Knees – bent, palms facing forward. The abdominal muscles are tense. This is what the initial position looks like.
Shoulders are motionless. The barbell rises due to the forearm and strength of the biceps. This movement is done until the biceps are reduced. The bar should be raised to shoulder level and hold for one or two seconds. When lifting the rod do exhale.
The bar slowly returns to its original position. At this time exhalation is made.

Recommendations and number of repetitions

In order for the exercise to benefit and promote the growth of mass and endurance of the biceps, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

all movements must be done cleanly, without swinging or swinging the barbell;
the bar should be lifted, possibly in a wider arc;
as soon as the bar reaches its highest point, it is necessary to hold it for a few seconds;
it is necessary to lower a bar more slowly, than to lift;
the barbell does not need to throw;
hands at the lowest point are not straightened;
between the approaches, it is necessary to stretch the biceps, and it is better to start training with this exercise;

For strength, you need to do five sets of – 3-5 repetitions. For the volume, 3 approaches of 15–20 repetitions will suffice.
Bending arms with barbell reverse grip on the bench
For this you need to pay attention to such stages of the exercise.

Sit on the bench, put your feet on the stand and take the wide barbell.
Raise it to face level.
Slowly lower the bar to its original position.
You can change the angle of the bench, the width of the grip and the amplitude of the movement. In all these cases, the load is differently distributed. Doing such exercises should leave the bar in a slightly bent position. Thus, it is possible to ensure the intensity of the exercise.

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