Why do not grow muscle (muscle mass)?

By | March 23, 2019

A few months of grueling workouts do not give results? A reasonable question arises: why there is no increase in muscle mass. In most cases, this can be explained by excessive expectations from two-, three-month training. During this time, gain a few pounds of muscle, remove fat and get the desired relief is impossible. No, of course, this is real if you use anabolic agents. Almost all of the amazing results that are dazzling with the social networks from the “before and after” series are the result of the use of pharma. And what is most unpleasant, few people admit this, thereby raising the already mentioned excessive expectations.

Even supporters of natural bodybuilding often use special preparations, but they carefully hide this fact. This is important primarily for the promotion of their own training programs, techniques and resources. If you doubt it, you can ask how the progenitors of bodybuilding looked like. For example, Charles Atlas and Georg Gackkeshmidt – they have exactly natural muscles, which have been accumulated for years, because during the period when they lived, no one yet knew about anabolic steroids. Their body is the result of systematic strength training.

In order not to indulge yourself with illusions, it is worth understanding: with natural, natural training, it is impossible to quickly achieve results. It will take years. But it is also understood that if there is no result with proper nutrition, adequate training and the use of sports nutrition, then there are good reasons.

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