The reasons for the lack of muscle growth

By | March 27, 2019

Heredity. It is your genes predetermined and the rate of metabolic processes, and muscle growth, and even weight. Developing the right principles for building a training course will not help you gain growth if a geneticist is installed that does not allow it. At this stage in the development of science, it has not yet been possible to find ways to change the human genotype, but bad genes are not yet an excuse for the lack of muscle growth. Having created optimal conditions for your own body, thereby interfering with metabolic processes, you can try to achieve your goals. But still, it is worthwhile to first assess your own potential.

Lack of purpose. At the very beginning of the training you need to determine for yourself how much weight you want to achieve, the volumes of arms, legs, even the percentage of fat. The most important thing in this framework, you feel comfortable.

Motivation. If it is missing or too weak, then getting the result is almost inaccessible. About 50% of athletes give up classes after a couple of months after the start, another 30% say goodbye to their ambitions for a perfect body in six months. Another 10% in a year. By simple mathematical calculations it can be understood that no more than 10% are ready to engage in more than a year.

Gaps in knowledge. Many novice athletes do not have theoretical training, and this affects the fact that they do not understand how malnutrition, the anabolic process and metabolism work. Of course, the easiest way to contact the experts, and the coach will create the ideal training scheme, the nutritionist will select the proper diet. If this is not possible, then you will have to study a lot of smart books before taking up the dumbbells. But this is not enough: you need to be able to use the information obtained for the benefit of your own muscles. Do not believe those “experts” who are ready to help in time to achieve results.

Lack of discipline. Often this is the result of weak motivation. If a person does not know how to withstand the daily routine and systematically perform the exercises, then the achievement of the result is impossible. Planning is above all. Moreover, it is important to draw up a nutrition plan both on training days and in the rest of the period. Full and regular rest: if the goal is to build muscle, then you can forget about nightlife, as well as bad habits. At the forefront should be put the result. In order to be so, you can use the diary of training, nutrition, well, if there is a calorie counter. It is important to carry out weighing systematically. Record all the food that you eat, in time to regulate training.

Diseases. Sometimes the reason that the muscles do not grow may be a disease. For example, those that are ways to reduce the secretion of anabolic hormones, such as testosterone, growth hormone, insulin. And also with the increased formation of catabolic hormones, in particular cortisol. If all requirements are met, but there is no result, it is better to analyze the main anabolic hormones.

Overtraining. Yes, it is a significant number of workouts that can lead to a lack of muscle growth. If after a couple of months of training you do not see the result, you do not need to increase the number of workouts and the load at times – in this case, the muscles will not have time to recover, and therefore their growth will not be observed.

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