By | September 15, 2019

As you already understood, exercises that develop the chest are the simplest and most well-known. This is push ups. Developing the chest muscles, you are in big ̆ extent than when performing other exercises strengthen your chest, and with Nei ̆ and lungs. A strong and hardy lungs, of course, is far from the last article in a healthy body.

As for push-ups, you will achieve great results by performing not simple ones (hands and toes of the feet touch the floor), but more complex ones: first – resting your feet on a stool, sofa, etc., and then placing two more stools and resting on with their hands. This will increase the amplitude of movements, which means it will increase the effectiveness of exercises.

I note that push-ups also develop the shoulders (more – the front part) and arms (in particular, triceps).

If you are cramped in space, you can do the following.

Lock your hands in front of you в lock. Take pravyi ̆ elbow back ( “lock” just below the right shoulder). Now, acting right ̆ arms ̆ and creating resistance, left ̆, move the “lock” to the left shoulder. Then vice versa, acting left ̆ and resisting the movement of right ̆ of hand ̆, move the “lock” to the right. In each direction 8-12 movements.

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